Master of Ceremonies

Look no further than ELVIRA CARIA

Elvira has been Emcee’ing functions for decades and is ready and more than qualified to make your next event a HUGE success! No matter the event purpose or size of the event, her Emcee professionalism will guarantee YOUR event is facilitated in a timely and organized manner. From the Host of Miss Universe Canada Pre-Qualifications in 2018 to a live broadcast at TORONTO SARSFEST in 2003, Elvira has done it all.

Elvira works with Organizers PRIOR to the event, to ensure that the event day transitions just right. In addition, your event will be pre-promoted on various platforms, including but not limited, to social media and ElviraCaria.com website.

Once in front of a microphone, Elvira takes charge! She has the ability to capture an audience of any size and demographic. Her training as a Professional Multi-Platform Broadcaster and Public Speaker allows her to captivate and engage an audience like no other Emcee is able to, all while consciously keeping the event flowing in a professional and timely manner.

To find out more on Rates and Availability or to book Elvira for your next event, download the client form here and email her at Elvira@ElviraCaria.com