Elvira has one of the most alluring and unique voices in broadcasting. Her work includes hundreds of radio and television commercials, corporate videos, animated characters, infomercials, live media and live announcing at concert venues. She can deliver what you want: sexy, sophisticated, compassionate, corporate, funny and high energy


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Elvira is a pleasure to work with. She openly accepts feedback as her priority is to deliver the exact tone and energy the client is looking for. Always reliable and can accommodate very quick turnaround times when required.

Dennie Downie
Swiss Chalet Marketing, CARA Operations Ltd.

One of the best things I did as a Program Director was hire Elvira. She’s one of those great utility people, always willing to try new things and adapt in an environment that’s always in flux. Elvira is a terrific team player who has an innate understanding that in broadcasting, you can’t be a one-trick pony.

Alan Cross
Host, Ongoing History of New Music

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